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Friday, January 28, 2011

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I absolutely had to post this video after I watched it a few times. The main reason being that young girls need more role models such as Pink. I know that some of you are probably thinking I'm a little crazy, a little tired right now. But I'm being totally serious.

My friend and I were discussing how a majority of music videos produced and made are of the artist or band singing the song, acting badass or whatever, and how you don't see a lot of videos that elaborate on the song or add to it. She brought up Pink, and we sat down to watch a few of her own music videos.

All the videos we watched had a strong message and a story that related back to the song, and all the while Pink is really doing her own thing. This is pop music (which normally I am not a fan of) that is substantial and influential. I think we need more of that; we need more people who are considered idols or role models to put out there that it's okay to be you, to not always listen to what main stream tells us to do, and the list goes on.

Anyways, I'll stop before this becomes an impassioned rant. The video just hit really hard on an intellectual and emotional level, and I thought it was worth showing.

Edit: The video is actually reversed on Blogger...weird.


  1. Solid media analysis. Nice work breaking it down.

  2. I adore Pink. And I appreciate your observations here. Spot on.

  3. Good tune. Pink is a great song writer actually. People often knock pop artists but in actuality, once you achieve a certain notoriety you can have more impact on culture (using one's power for good type thing). I think you're right about role models for girls and I think guys need them too. Humans are, by nature, insecure and it's only when people gain a certain sense of self-efficacy that they then want the best for each other and themselves. Until this happens, we will continue to tear each other down and tear ourselves down. Very good analysis of things. I find men and women spend a lot of time blaming each other when they should be finding out what's eating them. Let's hear more rants!


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