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"What about mirages?"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Long Years Ago.

Two years ago, I started this blog. Two years ago feels such like a long time; I've changed so much. I've grown up a little. I've felt moments of warm gratitude and moments of indifference. I've felt lost and found again, I've made friends, lost friends, regained friends. I've felt the heated fingertips of love, the cold smack of losing it. I've learned, I've forgotten. I've forgiven and been forgiven. And somehow, I've blogged about it all.
It's amazing to think that almost three hundred posts later, I'm still finding things to write about. And I'm still discovering.

And it wouldn't be right to celebrate how far I've come without thanking a few people:

The Sqaure Corner - Who gave me a lot of support, especially in the beginning (I think you were the first person to actually comment here!), and who taught me a certain sense of mystery. I always loved reading your poems and wondering what you were getting at.

Human Paradox - Who inspired me to always try to write with a sense of rhythm. You showed me rhyming could be cool (never really liked it till I stumbled across your blog). Thank you also for the mad support, it is so appreciated.

Old Ollie - Who showed me poems with real zen. I admire your short and sweet and to the point style of writing. You have a good balance between going with the flow and being concise, and I find a lot of inspiration in your work.

Taylor - For a number of things, but especially for being close to my age but still having such a deep afection for words. I see a lot of myself in your musings, and I thank you for giving me something to read and smile at late at night.

Also thanks to anyone else who has posted here, showed support, or left a piece of advice. I love opening the comments field to see a new fragment of wisdom that's been left behind. There is too many people to thank personally (and I'm afraid of forgetting anyone), so pat yourselves on the back and take this huge THANK YOU as a special present! :D

And finally thank you to all my friends and family (and boyfriend, who endures my love of poetry and other things, though they are not his favorite!) that have stopped by and read even a single sentence. Thanks especially to Half of Mac and Cheese. It means so much to me that anyone would take even thirty seconds of their day to read what I (sometimes) dump haphazardly on the internet.

Here's to two years and more to come!

But now it's late, and I'm tired.


  1. Hey JB thanks for the props! I appreciate your words and thank you for reading my often lame lyrical-like attempts at painting pictures with words. As I said before, I think your writing is excellent and I'm glad to hear you're going to school to advance the craft. Please don't stop blogging - I think when you get under stress at school you'll find it's great release!

  2. JB - you got sweet poetic skills and best of all authenticity...so keep going - keep writing!


  3. Congrats JB - we love your poems!

    To echo Old Ollie: "keep writing"

  4. Congratulations on reaching what is an unusual milestone for most bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing with the world and me. I really dig your style.


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