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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Need To Work Harder.

Today I read this article called "6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person". It was a real eye opener. As I was reading it I thought: "This is what I want, and this is what I need to do." It was the kind of real talk that we don't get anymore. It was the kind of thing that I think we all need to hear.

Pretty much the author talked about how the world doesn't care how nice of a person you are. It cares about what you can provide, and how what you are inside is important because of what it makes you do. That really got me thinking about what I provide. What skills do I have? What do I bring to the table? What do I want to do, and how am I doing to get there? And I sort of realized that I'm not doing enough, that I need to work harder to be the kind of writer and creator that I want to be.

I need to work harder. That's weird coming from me I think, because I'm known to be the biggest procrastinator in existence.

I was thinking back to when I was fiffteen. My sister has this dinky little guitar that she was learning on, but she never really played it. I had tried to learn to play when I was younger, but it never really materialized for me, because I didn't want to do the work. But I picked up that ugly yellow guitar, and my stepdad was like, "Here's a D chord." It took me a long time to get anywhere. I played until I had blisters on my thumb and my fingers were bruised. I played for hours everyday. I'm still not an amazing guitarist, but I'm pretty good. I'm still constantly learning and getting frustrated with it, but where would I be if I hadn't put all that time and effort into initially learning?

I would be one of those people that I hate. Those people that say, "Well I tried to learn, but it was too hard, so I quit." Yeah, I tried to learn too, and it was hard, and it's still hard. But once you get over that, it gets easier.

I don't want to be that person anymore. I want to be the kind of person that brings something valuable to the table. And that's who I'm going to be. Screw all my previous new years resolutions. I'm going to be a person that DOES stuff.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person.


  1. This is a valuable lesson JB. I think we need a balance in life between action and reflection. Many people who pave over nature to build suburbs and pollute the rivers to run chemical plants think they are being "productive." The question always is "what's the best course of action?" This question always plagues me. I say, start things for the right reasons and then follow them through to the end. It's hard to do, but I'm trying.

  2. Dox is right - it is the follow through were I get into trouble.

    Music is a solid choice. You can keep it with you forever.


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