"The desert bears only a scathing sun, and nothing more."
"What about mirages?"

Monday, June 3, 2013


Today I feel like the rain:
and cool
and impartial
to the life that happens
with or without me
before and after me
and during me as well.
My problems
will spill over into next week
an overflowing gutter
of rain water,
dead leaves and twigs,
a cigarette butt

- - -

It's been raining a lot here. I like it: the chill in the air, the damp air hanging off me like silk, the way everything goes green after a day of heavy downpour. I keep my window open because the sound of raindrops smashing into the ashphalt is soothing. When I hear it, I breath again. I forget how tired I always am. I forget my money problems and how all my friends are travelling and I'm stuck here working two jobs and barely scraping by, barely affording to pay my rent and eat and save money to go to school. Just so I'll get a decent job. Maybe.

I guess I just feel stuck. More stuck than I've ever been in my life. And I feel miniscule and unimportant and beaten down. I don't even know why I'm writing this here, but I guess it's times like this when my writing is in some respects at its best. It's a catharsis I suppose, a release for my tired soul.


  1. I feel like that too sometimes and I'm done school and working! It seems like some people have better luck sometimes (more than me anyway) but then I think about all the good people I know who are really struggling with severe health issues. I think, health maybe really all that we have in life. You are a multi-talented person and if you stick it out, eventually you will see the fruits of your labour. I'm sure you know by now though, there are no short-cuts in life. It's like playing in a band, it's a lot of work but the joy you get from working hard and having it come together is totally worth it. Take care of yourself JB. I really dig your writing. Oh, I saw this video of this dude here, and despite the laughing critics, this guy, f*cking rocks - he is clearly loving every minute of what he does:

  2. Good advice from HP - keep writing JB - you really are one of the good ones.


"Write with our backs to the wind and our faces to the hard, bleaching sun."