"The desert bears only a scathing sun, and nothing more."
"What about mirages?"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flesh (Stress).

Claws dig in
rip flesh.
I forget
what peace of mind
sounds like.
This stress
pulls apart
my joints
my bones
and leaves me
a heaping

- - -

I moved again. This was the worst one yet. I have accumulated too many things. It is time to lighten my load.

Also blogverse: I think it's time that you knew something about me: Boys are dumb, girls are pretty. I am feeling as queer as they come.

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  1. Your descriptions are as vivid as ever. I seem to relate yet again. If I may comment on your post-script. I applaud you for having the strength to be true to yourself JB.You are one of the strong ones. I hope you find what you are looking for. I will say that it is always sketchy putting your happiness in the hands of another person - boy or girl. Make sure you stay true to your talents. Just so you know: back in school I liked a girl who liked guys but also liked girls. We had our moments but her girlfriend never took to me which was fine. I couldn't make peace with it though so I moved on but at least she had someone else to fall back on. I was sad for a long time. I do hope she is happy. Also, for the record, not all guys are dumb, some men are good, just and fair. I hope you can find a friend in one some day.


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