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Sunday, June 28, 2009

At 3:45 in the Morning, What is There to Say?

As the title suggests, it is very late at night. Or incredibly early, if you're that kind of person. I guess the only thing I really want to say is that I've wanted to start up a blog for a long time now. I never did until this point because I've always felt like I've just never had anything to say. It's not a misplaced statement either. Honestly, does any sixteen year old, especially in this day and age, really have something to say? Ask any of my friends and they might, with a lot of passion, say that YES, we do indeed have something to say. And then we rant about how much we hate this teacher, or how hot the new guy is, or maybe we'll just fuss about what we're going to wear tommorrow.

Yes, I know I'm just rambling. But it's late, and I'm tired. So therefore allowed to ramble.

The point that I'm trying to make is that even though all that stuff just mentioned seems like it's something to say and share with the world, it's not. All that is is meaningless things that only matter to maybe one person. You. Me. Whatever. That's what I've always thought.

I've always wanted to be heard, to have people listen to how I feel and what I think. Writing, art, music, photography. These are the things that I feel I can most express myself with. Now, with a little help to get past my insecurites about having nothing to say, I feel as though I have something to share.

And maybe you read this, and whatever comes after and you say, "This is nothing but worthless crap," and you never visit my blog again. That's all fine and dandy. Cause if what I'm writing is nothing but crap that's supposed to be in a septic tank somewhere, then I can honestly say that what you have to say isn't much better.

I have a voice. And even if half the stuff coming out of my mouth means nothing, it means something to me. That's what it means to be an individual, what it means to move against the flow and see that it goes somewhere better. It's the lesson that took me years to learn, and I've just told you so that you won't have to suffer through Junior High and Highschool to learn it yourself.

So avast! Ye scurvy dog!

Time to set sail.

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  1. You have fantastic writing skills, Deana!
    I'm so excited to see where this goes!!


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