"The desert bears only a scathing sun, and nothing more."
"What about mirages?"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Relishing this moment
of quiet contentment--
a second of simplicity
sandwiched between
the rushing, garbled
sections of an hour.
I lean back,
shift into
quiet solitude.

- - -

First AP exam tommorrow. It's English Literature and Composition, so I'm not overly worried about it. English is, after all, my favorite subject. :) The bisggest thing I worry about with these exams is the amount of class time I have to miss to write it-- it's almost not even worth it.

But no big deal I guess.


  1. cruse my brother, before the onslaught.

    great poem.

    good luck

  2. JB the last line is a gem.

    exams eh? go get 'em!

  3. I hated exams. Damn. Life is an exam!


"Write with our backs to the wind and our faces to the hard, bleaching sun."