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Thursday, May 3, 2012

100 More.

Two years ago I wrote out a list titled "100 Reasons to Like You." Today I felt like that list needed to be revisited and retitled. So this one is "100 Reasons to Love You."

1. I love how small your writing is.
2. I love that you're okay with being a nerd.
3. I love that we have our own brand of humor.
4. I love that you pretend to be gay with all your friends.
5. I love that you nhave a passion for music.
6. I love that you read my writing.
7. I love that we could spend all our time together napping.
8. I love rolling d20's on Thursdays with you.
9. I love that oyu've always got a new band to show me.
10. I love that we can hang out with your younger brother and have a blast.
11. I love how gracious and kind your parents are.
12. I love the fact that we find is sort of awkward to talk in the phone, because we only ever text or speak in person.
13. I love the fact that you are willing to try new things and explore new places.
14. I love that you will listen to my rants, even when they're stupid.
15. I love the way you smile.
16. I love how easy it is to be around you.
17. I love that you have so many different interests.
18. I love how much you have dedicated yourself to your band.
19. I love how easy and uncomplicated we are.
20. I love that you stuck around when I screwed up.
21. I love your patience.
22. I love that we can sit together in silence and be comfortable.
23. I love that when our taste differs, it's not an issue.
24. I love that we agree on a lot of things.
25. I love that you are friends with my brother.
26. I love that we never fight.
27. I love how I always say I'm going to win the tickle fight, but I never do.
28. I love hugging you.
29. I love asking you for piggy back rides.
30. I love making you laugh, even if it is sometimes at me!
31. I love the fact that you're not afraid to tease me.
32. I love when you tell me you love me, because I know you mean it.
33. I love that you procrastinate almost as much as I do.
34. I love that we have inside jokes.
35. I love that most of your T-shirts are band tees.
36. I love that I get to call one of your best friends "Bearded Ryan". ;P
37. I love that you cannot be rushed.
38. I love that my parents like you.
39. I love that you are unafraid to grow a mustache.
40. I love that 2 years seems like nothing.
41. I love that no matter how bad of a day I'm having, seeing you will make it better 100% of the time.
42. I love that we do a ton of laughing.
43. I love your blue eyes.
44. I love that we go to shows together.
45. I love that on our first date we went to go see Shutter Island, and I'm pretty sure neither of us understood what was going on.
46. I love that you bought a fuzzy brown shag carpet for your drums.
47. I love the way you explain what's happening in a book or comic or life in general to me.
48. I love listening to you just talk.
49. I love how easy it is to get along with your friends.
50. I love watching movies together.
51. I love that you never have to ask me about school, but you'll listen to me rant about it anyways.
52. I love that you pay attention to politics, even when I feel disillusioned with them.
53. I love that when you are curious about something, you will go and find out about it.
54. I love that when I asked you if you wanted to meet my dad, you said yes. And then you dealt with him and a crying baby for a week.
56. I love that I am FINALLY able to put names to almost all your cousins.
57. I love that we can spend hours doing basically nothing.
58. I love how comfortable it is to spend time with your family.
59. I love how we sometimes sit down with the intention of watching something and spend two hours talking with a blank tv in front of us.
60. I love that you're oaky with the way I dress.
61. I love that you like hanging out with my best friend.
62. I love the way you look when you wake up from a nap.
63. I love the fact that the minute you are home you change into comfy clothing.
64. I love the way your room is never quite messy, but never tidy either.
65. I love how hard you work at everything you do.
66. I love the way you look.
67. I love messing up your hair.
68. I love that when I make a funny face at you, you make one right back.
69. I love that we don't have to be together every second of the day, as that would be impossible!
70. I love that you will only dance if it's a hardcore two-step.
71. I love that you don't pry.
72. I love that we sometimes read each other's minds.
73. I love how easy it is to tell you things.
74. I love that I can trust you with every detail of my life.
75. I love that you remember the day we started dating.
76. I love that we met through a mutual love for Will Smith.
77. I love how awkward our first kiss was.
78. I love that we both thought Andriuk was senile.
79. I love wearing your band's t-shirts, and telling people about it.
80. I love it when you ask if something I'm wearing is new; it always makes me smile.
81. I love the way you make me laugh.
82. I love that you always text me good night.
83. I love that you like my hair short.
84. I love that we head bang together.
85. I love that we can spend hours together in a car and not get annoyed with each other.
86. I love that you call me out when I'm saying "like" to much.
87. I love that you give me your opinion in a straight forward way.
88. I love how much integrity you have and how honest you are.
89. I love that you now have probably like 2000 Dominion cards.
90. I love that you enjoy spending time with your family.
91. I love that we can split a bill.
92. I love that you hacve realistic expectations of yourself.
93. I love that when you have a goal, you go out and get it.
94. I love that we can have mutual friends.
95. I love that you rarely get angry.
96. I love that we don't have to berate or lecture each other.
97. I love that you're okay with all my pets.
98. I love that when Joplin brings you a ball, you'll throw it for her and when she had puppies you cuddled with them.
99. I love taking long walks with you.
100. I love how amazing you are.

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