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"What about mirages?"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Live Vids

Here's some videos of me doing what I love. I hope you like them:

At Her Feet - Leave Me

At Her Feet - Your Move


  1. JB are those originals? I really like the sound you guys have together. You definitely carry the melody with your strong playing but it seems like all you guys have a good sense of melody and a good ear for staying in key. A huge problem for alot of bands. I made some comments from my youtube account. If you ever do a tour and find yourself in Ottawa, I'll get you guys booked in a really cool place.

    1. HB they are indeed originals. Thank you for all your years of encouragement. We have been tearing ourselves apart trying to write songs that sound good to the ear and the heart.

  2. I credit Human Paradox, and his bro Graven Records for getting me into Poetry, and Guitar. We used to write some gems back in the day. Keep at it JB - you got something good going.


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