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"What about mirages?"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dusting Off The Internet.

Okay. For all those who want to kill me for not updating since I got back from NewFound Land (Kristen, I'm sorry! Don't hurt me! ;P), I am terribly sorry. When everyday is the same as the last, as if rewinding the tape and then pressing play, there's no point in writing. I guess after NewFound Land I just gave up on blogging.

BUT NOW I'M BACK!!! And you'll be quite pleased to know that I come with a plethora of new poetry and even the first two chapters of my next endeavor into the writing world. I know, I deserve a standing ovation, but I will just humbly bow my head. ;P

So, quick update on what's been happening in my life, in the form of a list:

1. Yay for being back in school! I'm feeling pretty good about the school year so far, and being a month or so in, I can honestly say that this year is by far the best. High School = WAY better than Junior High. Whoo, Grade Eleven!

2. Michael and I are *GASP* still together. I do really still love him, even though time for just us is sort of limited; Him playing football, working a job, and doing his KUNG FU thing, and Myself working a job, trying to maintain a social life and keeping up with with Math, European History, Science, and Japanese (Thinking of dropping Multi Media). Either way, once it settles down, it'll be all good.

3. Goddamn, I'm talented. If you've ever met me, then you should know that I play the guitar. If this is news to you, well, you just ripped a hole in my heart. Anyways, I've finally learned to sing AND play at the same time! Taaa daaaa! Yeah, it's still sort of a working process, and so far the only song I now (not even in its entirety) is 'All I Have To Do is Dream', by the Everly Brothers. Next one on my list is 'Michelle', by The Beatles.

4. Just recently got a job at Safeway. I'm working as a Courtesy Clerk, making 10.20 an hour. YOSH!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the last three or so months of my life, in a very broad and general way (with absolutely no personal details).

Anyways, the next post will be later tonight. I'll be posting up some poetry, cause I haven't in a while.


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