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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Conforming to Non-Conformity.

Just think about that title for a moment. Let it simmer. Doesn't that just make your brain want to explode? Saying something like this is really similiar to saying that no one has their own individual thoughts on ethics and morals, because we all believe what certain aspects of society tell us to believe. Hell, it's fricken the same thing!

Think about this: Communism. We say, here in Canada/America: "The way the Koreans run their country is wrong and cruel! It goes against all human rights!"

This is of course referring to North Korea and it's seemingly corrupt communist government. Now, I'm not saying that what goes on over there is right or that I believe in it. I'm saying that we only think it's wrong because that's what our society, a man-made construct, leads us to believe.

Everything you think, all of your opinions and thoughts, it's all rooted back to the kind of collective community you live in. We think differently than those that live in a different country because of cultural and societal differences, but who's to say that one is right and the other is not? You can't ever get away from what's been bred into you, and you can't escape biased opinion.

Back to the conformity thing. Ever notice that non-comformity is conformity within itself? You're conforming to not following the norm. You're still placing yourself within a particular group, and one that is in fact so popular and so large, that is actually worse to be a non-conformist in a way. Wow, that was a long sentence. Smack me the next time I do that.

So, does this mean that eventually we will get to a point where people are going to go to extremes to be different from the rest of all them non-conformists? Hell, they already are! Look at stretching your ears three inches, tattooing your entire body, putting dermal anchors that look like spikes into your skull! People will continue to search for new ways to not conform to the non-conformists, who will start to be regular conformists. And so on. It's a vicious cycle, man. A vicious cycle.

I think I'm gonna go lie down now. My brain hurts from all this jibberish like thinking.


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