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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Metal, But Not The Music Kind.

Okay, so anyone who knows me would probably tell you that I'm prone to do things things without thinking about it, I love to be following a different stream than the norm, and if you tell me not to do something just because you don't like it, I'm gonna do it just to prove something to you. People who don't know or don't know me very well will tell you thinks like I'm slowly and very litterally becoming a metal head, I'm a total bitch and something like a badass, and that it always looks like I have an image to uphold.

Okay, so maybe all of these things have a bit of truth. When I want to do something, I might ask you your opinion, but I most likely have already made up my mind and don't care. Sorry. I do love to be different from the norm, and I think that's mostly because it's like a breath of fresh air. If everyone is exactly the image that Society shows us we should be, we might as well just call ourselves Lemmings and jump off the next damn cliff we see. And NEVER, EVER tell me that something I love is something you hate, because I will bite your head off. And I will punch a hole in my face to prove it to you.

Maybe I'm addicted. I like metal. I find it attractive, classy if done the right way, and an amazing form of self-expression. We live in a world that pounds us with thirty second messages about image 24/7, so isn't it only natural that myself and my generation (Generation Y, in case you were wondering) retaliate against this? Yes, piercings are incredibly, insanely, almost to the point of not being cool anymore, popular. But it's only because young people feel the need to break away from the clones. I love having peircings, it makes me feel like an individual in a school full of Abercrombie and Finch, American Eagle wearing preps. I don't want to be like that.

Yes, I can and will be a bitch if I have to be. If you get in my face and start snarling at me, I garantee that I'm not only gonna snarl back, but I'll bare my teeth and bite. Don't raise hair if you don't wanna fight is all I'm saying, really. I'm a non-violent person. Really I am. I don't start fights, I don't cause mischeif, I don't make trouble on purpose. That suff just finds me sometimes, and you can't always run away.

Anyways, this is just a rant, really. I'm tired of people judging me based on the way I look and the way I act. Family, friends, classmates, teachers, co-workers. I get judged all the time, and more often than not, it's in a negative way. That bothers me because it feels like some of these people don't take the time to actually get to know me. Instead thay judge based on the cover of the book, because it saves them time and effort.

I'm a strong believer and finding out as much as I can about a person. I will ask you about everything from your morals and ethics to your favorite food and color. There is no other way to learn about someone. There's no other way to know someone, and no other way to love. You gotta work at it, and that's all. I pride myself on knowing people from all walks of life. I'm really happy to say that when someone needs me, I'm there for them. I'll talk. About you, about me, about anything. But I'm better at listening, and that's something that's rare these days.

Maybe that's all I'm really trying to say. I just want people to listen more. Not even to me, but just in general. If you're listening instead of always talking about how you have this problem or that problem, then this world would be a much better place. And I garantee that you'll find yourself with much more than handfuls of love.

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