"The desert bears only a scathing sun, and nothing more."
"What about mirages?"

Monday, April 5, 2010


Salt and pepper shakers
upon the table.
Polar opposites,
but stuck together
as paper and glue.
Just like
you and I.

- - -

As I was writing this, I really wanted to go into detail, WAY more detail. I wanted to write to the end of the page, and then keep writing. I decided in the end it sounded good just like this, and as is almost always the case with good things: less is more and more just sucks some real cock. I hope my dad never reads that, cause he'll kill me. :)

I was really frustrated as well, because I couldn't decide on a good comparison, and I'm still not sure. The two lines "but stuck together, as paper and glue" had many variations before I hesitantly settled on those ones, some of which were:

"But two peices,
of the same puzzle."


"Perceived together,
like body and mind."


"But two slices,
of the same loaf."

Those were some of the better ones. Tell me what you think. Do you like the poem the way it is, or should I have use one of the previously mentioned lines? Maybe you can think of a better one?

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