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"What about mirages?"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Drabble and Others.

Here's a short bit of prose for you today. It's called Drabble, a peice of fiction exactly 100 words long.

- - -

It started as a fizzle in his sleeping head. He rolled over, ignoring the alarm until it became exasperatingly loud. It was still Sunday, wasn’t it? A gasp escaped his lips as he jolted upright. God dang it, it was Monday. He jumped out of bed and rushed around in the dark, fumbling as he picked random articles of clothing from the floor.

Breakfast was skipped. He dashed out the door, only to rush back in a minute later. He’d forgotten his glasses. He pounded down the sidewalk, each step heavier than the last. Tromp, tromp, tromp.
He was late.
- - -

Yep. Took me five minutes to write it. Even still, I'm quite proud of it.

Okay, in other news:
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! I'm seventeen on May 6. (it's very late at night)
- Saw a local concert tonight, and fell in love with the band Battleship. I'll find a link.
- Ate Wendy's and spent some very well deserved time with mah boyfriend.

Till later!

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