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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wanting To Stand Up For Someone, But Doing Nothing Instead.

Today I watched a bunch of douchebags at my school harrass a kid named Reese. Now Reese has kind of a reputation for being a pervert around the school, so on normal circumstances, someone cracking a joke about or at him wouldn't really bother me. But it was just the way these guys were picking at him: Like vultures hovering over a rotting carcass. I guess it really shook me up.

It was like eight to one, and I really wanted to get up and punch some of them in the face. I didn't. I just sat there and minded my own buisness, wincing as they continued to aggravate Reese.

I felt horrible. I wish now that I had gotten up and come to his aid, I wish I had the guts to go talk to a teacher about it. In some respects, I'm no better than any other teenager. I'm weak and brittle, and I sometimes break under peer pressure and social standings.

The incident made me realize something else as well. I was looking at those guys, with their pants down to their knees and dopey, assinine looks on their faces, and I realized that I'm a really lucky girl. How many of those boys have girlfriends who are unsatisfied, who are always trying to convince themselves and everyone around them that he's really a nice guy? How many of those boys have lost friends and made enemies, just because they felt the need to act a particular way?

I'm so happy that my boyfriend is not at all like that. And I'm very, very lucky. :)

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