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"What about mirages?"

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Release From Great White Shark Fight!

Great White Shark Fight just released a new song, so if you like metal you should zone into this:

It's a free download, so put it on your Ipod and jam out to it. :)

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  1. That's good shit. These guys are coming along, I'm impressed by the production. There's alot of bands with similar styles these days but the key is tightness. I was going to also say regarding your comment about music being like an escape. Music can be escapism but it can also be the opposite. The difference is between the "artist" and the "celebrity" or "art" vs. "commerce." The most evolved artists are always communicating subtle and deep truths about life but it is not always picked up by people when they only listen to music for recreation - which I think alot of people do. Music, like any artistic medium, can be trivialized or act as a portal to a larger, more fulfilling understanding of life. It can motivate you and inspire you when nothing else can. So in a way, it can accompany us through the good and the bad - like a friend, I find at least.


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