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"What about mirages?"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

These Cold Days Bring Change.

It's true. The month of December, although only three days in, has brought on a few new things with. The cold blistery days mean no more late evening walks, no more leaving the house without a toque and gloves, no more sunny days. Just grey, chilling, and stressful.

All of a sudden and in a rush, I've found myself worrying about what to get this person and that person, I'm worrying about getting time off work to visit with friends and family, what to do with my ever changing relationship with my boyfriend.

So, an update of some of the good things that have happened during the Chirtsmas season so far:

1. Joplin has finally given birth to seven wonderful, healthy puppies. Four girls and three boys. Most have her gorgeous brindle fur, but two of them are more caramell in color, taking after the traditional Pug in them. One of them is a little deformed; she's got a head that's a little too big for her body and you can already tell she's gonna have real bulgy eyes. She has been heralded as Helmet. Poor thing.

2. I've finally gotten a haircut! My hair, which I had allowed to grow out over the past three months, was about shoulder length. I kept my chin length bangs, but hacked all the rest off to about an inch. My ears have never been colder.

3. I've decided to stretch out my ears. Not like, super huge or anything, but to about a zero gauge. That's approximately six milimeters across.

Anyways, I'll tell you more about all this at a later date. Chow!

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