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Monday, August 23, 2010

100 Reasons to Like You.

1. Because you're proud of your 'gayness'
2. Because I think about you and I laugh.
3. Because you make me smile. Duh! :)
4. Because you appreciate a good dirty joke.
5. Because you poke fun at me.
6. Because you're so smart.
7. Because when I don't tell you, you don't push.
8. Because you always listen when I'm ranting.
9. Because my parents adore you.
10. Because my friends adore you.
11. Because I adore you.
12. Because you love watching movies.
14. Because you introduced me to metal.
15. Because my Ipod has eight extra gigs of music because of you.
16. Because of your blue eyes.
17. Because of your dark hair.
18. Because you can make fun of yourself.
19. Because you drive a truck! ;P
20. Because it's okay if I pay sometimes.
21. Because you never push me, but you're not afraid to tell me exactly what you think.
22. Because we could spend all day watching cartoons together.
23. Because you love music more than I do.
24. Because I love your family.
25. Because I can tell you absolutely anything.
26. Because you stay up all night.
27. Because you sometimes sleep all day.
28. Because you were in my art class, and it was so much fun!
29. Because you never complain about my dry hands.
30. Because you think you're the lucky one.
31. Because you watched Gunslinger Girl, even after I condemned it.
32. Because you inspired the best poem I've ever written.
33. Because meeting you was exactly what I needed, when I needed it.
34. Because you won't lie to my parents.
35. Because you showed me Fight Club.
36. Because you're so soft spoken.
37. Because you dressed up as Andy from the 40 Year Old Virgin.
38. Because you hate Nickleback, but I find them listenable.
39. Because I'll say something that doesn't make sense, and you won't hesitate to tease me.
40. Because I gave you a bloody nose and you laughed it off.
41. Because I got you into trouble, and you stuck around.
42. Because I know I'm sometimes trouble, and I think you do too.
43. Because I said Tony Roma's had the best onion cake, and you took me to Outback and proved me wrong.
44. Because we don't argue.
45. Because you're always so calm.
46. Because you have hilarious friends.
47. Because you work so hard with the band.
48. Because you're hardworking period.
49. Because I feel like I can trust you around other girls.
50. Because I'm halfway to 100!
51. Because I'm willing to be wholly and completely yours.
52. Because you gave me the book "How Babies Are Made."
53. Because you don't try to flatter me.
54. Because I love the way you kiss.
55. Because you creeped my facebook page, and I creep yours ALL THE TIME. :)
56. Because you found my blog before I even told you I had a blog.
57. Because you think my stepdad is a nice guy.
58. Because I still have time for me.
59. Because you want to have classes with me.
60. Because you brought my friends and I maple syrup.
61. Because you love a good breakfast.
62. Because every samurai must sometimes bloody his sword!
63. Because you play the bass. Cough.
64. Because you're not afraid to tease my friends.
65. Because you can take it and you can dish it!
66. Because you always say goodnight.
67. Because you showed me how awesome local music is.
68. Because you were there for my first head banging.
69. Because BATTLESHIP is awesome, and you know it! ;P
70. Because you showed me Gojira.
71. Because I'm a calmer person now.
72. Because your family loves Country music, but you don't.
73. Because you like to reference movies.
74. Because you love inside jokes.
75. Because I know you don't really like Boxer Shorts, but you deal with him because you know I love my ferret so very much. :)
76. Because we want to go on a road trip together.
77. Because I see no end to this in sight.
78. Because you put up with my crazy, dysfunctional family.
79. Because you think I should grow out my hair, but I like it short!
80. Because you wear band T-shirts everyday.
81. Because your pants actually fit.
82. Because you worry about the wellfare of other people.
83. Because we love to make fun of Evan/Victoria together.
84. Because I like your mom.
85. Because you have so many stories to tell.
86. Because you have friends that are lifelong.
87. Because you're so mature.
88. Because I know you'd never abuse your ability to drink legally.
89. Because you're not much of a partier.
90. Because you share my hatred of acne.
91. Because you'd do Will smith. I'd do him too! :)
92. Because I burrowed your CDs for like three months, and you didn't nag.
93. Because you have a favorite book series.
94. Because you, Adam, and Scott apparently like whale sperm. :/
95. Because you and my brother are pals.
96. Because you play video games.
97. Because we invented the code word "pizza." ;D
98. Because you actually tookthe time to listen to my favorite band.
99. Because you're so patient.
100. Because you're still reading this.


  1. I love that! You guys are great together! Even though I'm not an official follower, I am still a follower. ;)

    - Half of Mac n' Cheese

  2. That was a marathon, Juice Box!! Well done!


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