"The desert bears only a scathing sun, and nothing more."
"What about mirages?"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stranger at Night.

The dark night
is washed
in yellow limelight.
I see a flickering shadow
lurking in the alleyway
as I stand on my porch
and watch it
watch me.

I pull
the sliding glass door,
marred with fingerprints,
And suddenly,
I'm afraid.

- - -

Poor Dexter. My dad's sixteen year old dog has been having a bit of trouble as of late controlling his...er..bowel movements. I noticed he was shuffling around anxiously, so I let him out. I stood on the porch in the darkness, and was suddenly stricken with the beauty of night in the city. I love the color of streetlight.

That's what inspired this piece. I didn't actually see anyone wandering the allies, but I liked the concept.

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  1. Nice poem. Had me frightened. Very descriptive. You have a good imagination.


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